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Prof. Peter Cappelli Shares Tips for Asking for EMBA Sponsorship
February 7, 2013

Asking your employer for sponsorship to an executive MBA program isn’t always easy to do.  Many companies don’t have a formal tuition reimbursement program in place, or the policy is limited. During a recent online chat, Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli, director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources, shared a few tips for applicants about how to discuss this important topic with employers.

Here’s an overview of what he said:

Who do you ask?

How do you begin the process? First, think about who you will talk to. A common problem is that the person you plan to talk to isn’t high enough up in organization to make the decision about sponsorship. If that is the case, then ask if you think they are on your side. If they’re not an advocate for you, then try to talk to the person who can make the decision. However, if they are an advocate for you, then it might be better for them to make the case on your behalf.

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Self-Sponsored Doctor Uses Degree to Make Impact on Emergency Medicine
September 9, 2012

When Dr. Craig Gronczewski applied to Wharton’s EMBA program, he was a clinical physician caring for patients in emergency departments. While seeing patients every day was fulfilling, he was becoming increasingly interested in working on the business side of healthcare.

“Traditional physician training doesn’t prepare doctors to manage the business side of medicine, which has become much more complicated in this era of managed care. On top of that, healthcare is probably one of the most regulated industries in the world. The only way to survive is to be efficient in your practice, and to have effective operational and managerial skills,” he explains.

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Chat with Directors of Admissions and Financial Aid
January 24, 2011

Wed., 1/26/11, 12:00-1:00pm EST / 9:00-10:00am PST

Cathy Molony, Director of Admissions, and Lakeisha Bishop, Sr. Assoc. Director of Financial Aid, will be on the call to answer your questions about the application process and your financial aid options. 

Dial-up information to hear the discussion:  1-270-400-2000   Code: 433559#

If you'd like to post questions during the chat, REGISTER: Wed., 1/26/11, 12noon EST / 9am PST

If you won’t be in front of a computer during the discussion, you can email your questions ahead of time to:

We look forward to answering your questions!


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Wharton Executive MBA Program Helps Alumnus Turn Loss of Company into “Sweet” Opportunity
December 8, 2010

When Emir Kiamilev entered Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives at Wharton | San Francisco in 2005, he was running a successful tea company in Uzbekistan with yearly revenue of $7 million.  His goal was to learn how to successfully expand the company into other regions not only to grow the business, but also to mitigate the risks of political instability in Uzbekistan.

At first, everything was going according to plan. He based his family in San Diego where his parents lived and commuted to Uzbekistan once a quarter to apply the knowledge he learned in school.  He even used the tea business as the subject of a consulting project in one of his classes.

But in his second year, the worst case scenario happened – he lost the company due to political instability.  “In those countries, it’s hard to finance anything so it was a cash-based business in which we reinvested all profits.  I was married with three kids, but had no income and we were really down to nothing.  I got loans for school, but our whole lifestyle changed overnight.”

The “up side” at the time, he says, was the fact that he was in school and could access Wharton’s extensive network and dedicated career management resources.    After meeting representatives from Mattel, Inc., he was offered a position as a finance manager.  “I was excited because I wanted to come into a consumer products company and learn how Fortune 500 companies do business in corporate America,” says Kiamilev.

Kiamilev and his wife shared an entrepreneurial spirit and also wanted to start up a business.  Attending several gourmet food shows, they decided their market niche would be in confectionaries so they took online classes on topics such as how to make chocolate and even flew to Paris for lessons from a high-end chocolatier.

Ultimately, they decided to focus on caramels and in 2009, with $50,000 from friends and family, they launched Amella.  Their artisan cocoa butter caramels are now in more than 200 stores and high-end hotels and the couple hopes to break even by the end of 2010.

Kiamilev says, “It would have been much harder to start over without my Wharton education.  I’ve seen other friends go through similar situations and they could not recover.  But because of Wharton, I have the tools, knowledge and network to one day be bigger than I was in Uzbekistan.  The executive MBA program opened a lot of doors and is helping me be a better businessman.”


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“Worth Every Penny”: Wharton EMBA Alumnus Todd Oken Talks about Paying for the Program Himself
January 7, 2009

For Todd Oken, who graduated from Wharton’s East Coast EMBA program in 2007, paying for the program without sponsorship was a sacrifice. He already had a mortgage and a growing family so the decision to spend some of their savings and take on more than $100,000 in loans was a very big deal in his household. However, he felt so strongly about the benefits of a Wharton MBA degree that he ultimately decided it was not only a worthwhile investment, but a necessary one for his long-term career.

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